Thanks for nothing

Thanks for nothing

Thanks for nothing

LTME postHey,
i know we had only dated for a month but during that short time i have fell deeply n love with you. i loved everything about you, from your corny jokes to your psychotic laugh. I wanted to be there for you, and make you happy whenever you were depressed, which happenns often since it seems like everyone hates your guts for being so annoying. but it was your annoyance and weirdness that made me attracted to you in the first place.

So when you ended the relationship i was completly surprised. you said that it was because that we couldnt see each other often anymore because our schedules didnt line up. So i wasnt that upset. it was a logical thing to do so for a while i just put on a brave face and carried on.

but a couple days later, i found out the truth. You never loved me, you only dated me so my feelings wouldnt get hurt from rejection. but it didnt help that i had to hear the truth from your friends before i heard it from you. The whole time we were together just seems like one huge lie now.
every kiss
every caress
every “i love you”

but at the same time i cant be mad at you. you were only trying to save my feelings, you didnt do it to hurt me. so i thank you. But then again; you lied and you reminded me that im not at all special. so thanks for nothing.


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