Burning the last bridge

Burning the last bridge

Burning the last bridge

LTME postI told you I would be moving somewhere else. I am actually staying, but you will never know that. I have loved you so much that I needed to burn the last bridge between you and me, because I still think about you daily and I need to move on. You do not care today, but you I am afraid that you may come back in a few more years when it will be too late, and that I may not be there for you. I always only wanted the best for you. I never loved someone as much, and nobody’s presence has ever made me happier than yours. You were the man I wanted to spend my life with, travel with, build a family with. i am very sad that this will not happen, and I hope we both have a happy future ahead.


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  1. I Shall write you 3 years ago

    As you burn this bridge,
    I never left & took one last leap of faith. This week I saw the bridge catch flame, the hope which now caught fire, my soul alight, now or never I ran through the fire. The risk I took to reach out was one I made knowing I’m now the burning man, this man who’s heart you set on fire. No thought to look for the fire escape for he said he wouldn’t run in fear. Flames all around him as he sees you smiling at me as the engulfing fire now my tomb inwardly boiling till saturation point, instantaneously combusting adding more fuel to the fire you made my dying screams now silent as the raging fire consumes me. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. I did not want you to cremate me for I wished to be by your side till the ends of time. If you loved me why burn me so. I never left & for you to do this days but otherwise. Constantly on my thoughts & so confused why your doing this then. Home is where the heart is. Come home come home

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