I have a girlfriend… But I still love my ex

I have a girlfriend… But I still love my ex

I have a girlfriend… But I still love my ex

LTME postI have a girlfriend now and, don’t get me wrong she’s great, but she’s not you. I can’t help but to look for parts of you in her and deep down I know that even though all these years have passed, my happiness and my love still belongs to you. All I can do know is ponder whether it’s better to stay in this relationship, knowing you will always interfere in my subconscious, or to put it all on the line and get you back(and make it work), my first, my only, my one true love.
– Z


  1. SNN 3 years ago

    Get her back. And if it does not work, it will at least help you turning the page and allow your heart to heal. Good luck.

  2. Anon 3 years ago

    Definitely be honest with your feelings. If you still feel strongly for your ex, then it’s best to break up with your new girlfriend before trying to give things a shot again with your first love. It’s not fair to your new girlfriend if you still harbor feelings for your ex and compare the two. They’re two different people. Either you accept her for being different and love her like she is, or you breakup and try to make it work with your ex.

  3. D 3 years ago

    CZ, mean anything?

  4. Azumade 10 months ago

    Relationships are challenging and we as humans are sometimes complex beings. Not knowing if you have any spirituality background or not but I will present this from a spiritual aspect of things regarding relationships. First, I understand how you feel as I have at times felt similar. We get connected with a person regardless if the relationship is bad or great. There are multiple aspects why a relationship fails and I will not elaborate on the plethora of reasons here. However, one great binding measure of our soul to another is typically a sexual relationship. When sex/intercourse occurs, it joins our souls to the other person. This is our mind, soul, body, and spirit which all encompasses our conscious and subconscious. Over time we may lesson our desire/passion/thoughts of a past relationship but it remains to some degree always. From the creator of life, referencing from the bible is that what God has joined (intercourse) let no man separate. Only God has the authority/power to break the soul tie we have created when enjoying sex with a partner. Therefore, until this binding force is broken, we have a tendency to continually yearn for a past relationship even though our logical minds determined it was not good for us to be in thereby breaking up and attempt to move on. I have no judgements here however, there is some great truth in that the joy of Sex is for the covenant of Marriage as a lifetime commitment. Doing so eliminates our relational struggles of past relationships that fail and sometimes prevents us from moving forward. The greater damage is when we have multiple partners and move from one to another and may eventually lose ourselves and don’t know who we are or have become. Take it or leave it but only presenting another side of this great dilemma.

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