I died the day you returned our ring

I died the day you returned our ring

I died the day you returned our ring


I’m not good at words. But I wanted you to know. That I’m not listening to all the songs i used to listen when I was staring and constantly looking at you. It was all I want to say to you. All I want to do with you.

On our anniversary, I gave you a ring. A ring that I used to wear everytime I go to church and witnessed all my prayers and wishes for the both of us, for my drreams for your dreams, but a day before our 16th monthsary you returned our ring., Maybe it have slipped your memory but. I remember saying this to you. The moment you returned the ring… You already dont want to continue. Maybe you werent listening. but yeah i said it.

But i just chose to let you go.
Because I’m not happy anymore. You gave me all the material things I asked for. But you can;t give me that one thing i nedd the most. TIME. I chose you over a thousand little and big things. But you never had the nerve to go out on a proper date with me. Just on our first Valentines.

I love you. Trust me.
But maybe we’re still too young. 16 years old teenagers. There’s something more out there waiting for us.
I want you to be happy. But I want you to know, You dont have the right to be mad at me. I have the right to be mad at you for so many damn reasons but I chose to forget all of it cause your still the boy I love. If you ever found a girl appealing to you, please take care of her, give her the time and effort you didnt do to me. Laugh and talk to her often, Hug her everytime. Call her, Be proud of her, and Hold her hands in private or in public. Be not ashamed. Be Happy with her.

If time will ever make our paths cross again. And maybe you can give time to me. Who knows. But now, I want us to make our dreams come true first. Nonetheless.


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