Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday

Only Yesterday

LTME postTo Mister DJ,

When you first approached me,
I thought we were destined and meant to be.
I thought you accepted me for who and what I am.
I thought you truly loved me.

Yet all was just a dream, gone in a hurry.

After some time, I have finally made up my mind, that my feelings for you wasn’t right.
I’ve went into a dead end, but luckily, I’ve found myself back on track again.
Our relationship just fizzled out even if we have never met.

All you want was money, money, money,
And a new gadget to carry, carry, carry,
Oh, please, why don’t you shut up,
Your talk’s just full of price tags.

After the split, sometimes I bumped into you at public places, which happened to be one of my favorite hangouts in M City, most often at the escalators.
I noticed that you would glance at me, but I would just turn my head to the other side and pretend to ignore the sight of you.
It’s not because I can’t get over you, but I feel that I’m not in good condition to face you yet.

However, yesterday took a different turn. I saw you and your Dad walking on the street, a few inches away from me. I thought I’d just walk straight ahead…
But then I decided to stop for a while, gather up my confidence, smile to myself, and then detour.

As I walked towards my favorite hangout, I couldn’t help but laugh inside, thinking,
“Was that an angry gorilla or…?”

I realized that I wasn’t even angry or hateful at you anymore. The expression on your face that moment just made me laugh.


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