Heartbreaks a bitch and so are you

Heartbreaks a bitch and so are you

Heartbreaks a bitch and so are you

I’m not heartbroken over the fact of you being a liar and letting other girls sit on you and still talking to exes.
No I’m mad on how controlling you were of me not letting me to talk to who i want or do things on social media or say certain things or dress certain ways ands yet when i asked you one simple request on why you did this or did that you blow up at me? but after i took all your bs no way not fair. and when i confront you get all pissy you know how that makes me feel worthless? because i was the one trying to fix a relationship that was never meant to be we had sex we supposedly fell in love and we broke.

The fact is you broke because you gave up trying when every single day i texted you good morning and goodnight and asked how your day was and if your day. When i planned for us to hangout and do fun stuff and sometimes you arranged for us to hangout. You started the gm and gn texts and there i was trying to salvage what was left by doing it for you. You decided to leak my personal information on your story to the world after knowing if my ex knows where i was i would be in trouble plus you leaked my court cases of where i went to court for assault where two of my exes assaulted me. You leaked what you promised never to do and i asked you when you stopped loving me ..your reply “now”. I think that truly broke me Matthew.

I hope you have a bunch of shit relationships so you know what its like
and i hope that you try and put all the effort in and then they do what you did to me they simply up and leave. I never loved you i just wanted someone to keep me company and i mistook it for love.
We were a mistake and talking to you was the biggest mistake i ever made. If i could go back in time i would walk past you without a word being said.
You’re a terrible psychopath and i hope you get what you deserve.


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