I failed

I failed

I failed


I failed to fix us, though it should have been a group effort. How many different ways should I have explained, how many times did I need to try. Lose the arrogance, the attitude, the ego, the fear, the argumentative temper. Show me compassion, ask me my opinions, my feelings, my hopes. Show me affection. Don’t take me for granted. 

Damn you. I aborted a child because of you. I stayed local in my career because of you. I fixed your clothes, cooked you meals, furnished and maintained our apartment, helped you get gainfully employed, comforted you. Sadisfied you. Loved you. 

I have better things to do than waste time on this back and forth. I have things to accomplish and places to go. I was going to put my life on hold for you so you could accomplish great things. Remember? We were going to take turns and support eachother. Yet you stay static. Well it’s done then. How long did you think I would sit around and accept the bare minimum of a connection to another soul.

Not yours anymore,


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