Dear Chelsea,

You were my first true lesbian lover. I have had a girlfriend before but never like you. At one point I thought you were the completion to my life…Everything wrong you can do to a spouse (that’s not physical) YOU DID IT. I use to blame myself for us not working but after time have pass I’ve realized it really was you. You claimed you love me, well love cause you to claimed it was stupidity WELL YOU WERE STUPID ON THE REGULAR.

Even than I was a fool to still give us another chance. For my own selfish reasons I didn’t want to let you go. I blinded myself to bullshit because my heart still wanted you… through all the arguing I stayed because I refused to be without you. Even than after I tried to get you back and you didn’t want it so now it’s fuck it. You wanted to just be friends, HA  I refuse. But now I’m numb to you, the pain you caused my heart.I am numb to your love….I still think about you from time to time but hell I refuse to even shed a tear because I doubt you would ever. I now can look back and smile at how stupid I was…..I now have the strength to say I’m no longer in love with you. …I’ll always love you but never will I shed another tear because as you once told me “I can’t love u more than I love myself” and that’s exactly what I once did but now I can say I a love me more than I loved you!!!
Sincerely, Confident


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