We could’ve been so great together

We could’ve been so great together

We could’ve been so great together

LTME postIm done! I cant do this anymore!
Ive tried everything…..I really have tried.
but its like you dont even know i exist
and im sick of that
im done
and im sorry
we could have been so great together
but nooooo
you just decided to ignore me
okayyy than
i will back off
but i hope that someday when you feel alone
I hope that you remember me
and that you regret
not letting me come closer to you
because i really like you..maybe even love you
but its over now
its over …ive moved on!!

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  1. My Love 6 years ago

    I never ignored you:( How can you say that to me when it was you who asked me not to come see you. I kept my promise & haven’t come round. That has been so hard for I love you Sweetheart. I always have & always will. We wrote I believe on certain sites? & how was I to know it may have been you? Not once did you sign your name to identify it was you. I had so many responses from so many people as they resonated with what I wrote. The amount of compliments I received was amazing(like you;) I always said I was holding out in hope for the only One I want & that is you! I’m the one that is sorry for look at where we are now? I miss you & want you my love. How did it get to this:(


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