So, I’m kind of stuck

So, I’m kind of stuck

So, I’m kind of stuck

LTME postHey there Ted, how have you been?
I know I shouldn’t be writing this, but how long has it been? Two years? Maybe three? Oh well… So I moved to USA almost two years ago and I think we were together almost three years? I don’t clearly remember, sorry. So, I’ve been wanting to move on and I’ve did a great job so far, but with you I’m kind of stuck, just answer some of the concerns I’ve had for a long time now and I’ll stop bothering you.
Just after you graduated we would talk late at night, like around midnight and nothing during the day, that’s not right now, is it? It really made me feel insecure, like you didn’t actually care for me, just when you went to bed.
I got really weird about it and stopped giving you a straight answer which I think ended whatever bond we had, and now that I think about it, I was wrong, but I’m not sorry for making you feel that way. Just want to know why did you do that? Why you made me feel small even at such a young, naïve age?
Remember when we met in person which reminds me, we never actually “met”, just that once when it was my 17th or 18th? You gave me a cellphone, for which I’d like to reimburse for, let me know how much it was please, well, the point was, during that long drive, I asked you if you’d marry me and you said yes, if you had given me a heads up then trust me I would never be writing you after god knows how long, I’d be out of your hair completely… but really what did change your mind that you wouldn’t even give me a chance? Not that I want it now just want a reason.
Also I think you’re getting married? Or I guess you already are, congratulations, hope you find all the happiness there is and be there for your wife or wife to be unlike you were there for me.
Trust me I’m not writing this out of hatred or love, just need a clear head so I could continue living my adult life with a clear head.

Your ex


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