LTME postYou were always so closed off to me. It was always too difficult to understand what you were going through. I always had to ask mutual friends just to make sure you were okay. Even now, I’m still lurking on your accounts once in a while to make sure you’re doing well. It hurts me everytime, especially because I found out you’re with someone else now.

I don’t know if you miss me… or even if you’ve thought of me honestly. I really miss you. I know this might seem weird, especially since I was the one who ended it. I didn’t want to end it. I wanted us to make it work. I was having a hard time with my mom’s drug addiction, and you were so closed off from me. I just didn’t know what to do. I should’ve talked about it. But.. I didn’t want to hurt you.. Especially when you just got kicked out of your parents and had to move out of state.

I’m sure you found out by now that I went with our best friend a few months after. Karma made a visit and he cheated on me with three other girls. It was a mistake and I shouldn’t have done it. I felt alone. I needed someone there for me. I knew it wasn’t ever gonna last.

It’s almost two years since I ended everything. I know hoping for you to come back isn’t gonna help me and I know I’ll always be too stubborn to message you myself. I just need closure and I need to move on. If you ever stumble upon this letter, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



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