Honestly, you’ll never be…

Honestly, you’ll never be…

Honestly, you’ll never be…

LTME postScott –
I’ve thought a lot about this since your “you blocked me (and implied bitch)” email.

I am shocked you would even respond to me doing this. I got sick of waiting for you to do things, and cleaned you out of my life – just as I had said I’d be doing.

There are many, MANY things to be said here, but none of them matter. You are no more the person I thought you were now, then you were then.

I have no respect for you – to choose to hurt someone as deep as you decided doesn’t warrant respect. You just confirmed that you are simply way more pathetic than I guessed along the way.

Scott, you will never be a success. You will never have a happy, fulfilling relationship. You will never be a decent father, son, brother or human being.

So, die and leave the world a better place.


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