I gave you everything

I gave you everything

I gave you everything

LTME-postDear Brown Trash,

I am so angry with you right now. I still have memories from the Xmas party, you dancing with girls grinding and kissing them. you are such an attention whore.

It still hurts and when i think of it i get angry. Unfair that i get angry to the girls at the office cause they didn’t know about us.

I get angry because i gave everything to u and i got nothing back from u. u only wanted to feel good so u fed urself from me.

U felt empowered you little shit? you are such a spoiled brat. I feel jealous thinking of u with someone else. Why would u give urself to someone else that is not me? I gave u everything u jerk.

But u disrespected me in so many ways, u deserve everything that happens to u cause u made ur own mind and destiny. U always complaining about life when u had everything. You stole my good energy. I cant believe I miss u, u are such a piece of shit. I am detoxing from u and I hope I do it quickly!



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