I had enough – you ruined my life wanted to bring me to court for nothin I did. You played my best friend and now ur dating this girl and I feel bad for her poor soul. You’re a bitch just like ur mom AND dad. You will never grow up and u think u have the whole world on your side. All ur friends are fake. You think ur so hot you aren’t u don’t have hoes u have none. I did nothing to u but u did a whole lot to me, argue about things that didn’t make sense, you never helped me when I needed it, u talked to me like i was ur enemy. I was always there for u. Yes I got attached, but it was because I thought u were a good person. You are the person who would do anything for their own glory. ACTUALLY that is who u are love. I hope u die in a hole and I hope u can tell ur parents that ur actually gay good luck with that bitch. If ur gay then stop dating girls dumbass bitch – aight bye.


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