The one that got away

The one that got away

The one that got away

Somedays when I have undefined free-time I sit in my room and let my mind wonder. The most frequent place it seems to travel to is to you. It was the happiest time in my 20 years of life and I haven’t found a replacement place quite like it. It’s a very warm and loving place so I understand why my head and heart wants to live there all the time. Even when I’m busy with other things like schoolwork or work, my mind wants to escape it all and run to you.

All the warm, loving, and happy memories I have of us drowns me. Every day I have to force myself to have to push you to the back of my mind so I can get what I need to, for the day, done. Every night before I go to sleep, I can’t fight the urge anymore and just let every memory run free. When we were in the middle of nowhere Florida in the most beautiful spot I’d ever seen before or even the days wasted in bed with you. The trips to anywhere and everywhere just constantly on replay in my mind, the way you smiled at me when my favorite song played in the car.  I can’t forget any of it, especially your face, your face is forever burned into my memory.

I could draw you picture perfect with my eyes closed, sometimes I redraw pictures of you I’ve already drew just to draw you again. If you’re involved, I’d do it a million times. I never stopped loving you, even if I wanted to, I honestly don’t think I could. There’s been several times I prayed to God to let me forget you even for just a split second but he never listened to that request because God knows how much I need you. You’re special because never have I ever loved someone the way I love you. You recently moved away from me and it feels like a piece of my soul is missing and I’m not sure I’ll ever find that piece again. I hope I find you again, I pray we were the right people just at the wrong time because you make me whole. Without you I don’t think I’ll ever be the real me.

Thank you for showing me the real meaning of happiness and you will always have a home here with me, so please feel free to come home. I love you till my last breath and I hope we meet again H…


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