You’ll forever be in my heart

You’ll forever be in my heart

You’ll forever be in my heart

I cringe when I think about all the things I said and did when we were together. How could I have been so dumb!? Not a second goes by that you’re not on my mind & the fact that you’re with someone else just kills me. Yeah, I know I wasn’t a perfect girlfriend but I loved you with everything I had & I still do. You came into my life & saw beauty in parts of me where nobody else did. You treated me like a queen. You treasured me. And for that I’ll forever be grateful.

I wish I can see you just one more time. I miss everything about you. Your warm embrace, your smile, your smell, your HANDSOME eyes & those forehead kisses you used to give me. I still love you with all my heart & I doubt I’m ever gonna fall in love with anyone else. Please come back to me. I love you, I really do! *Thabang*
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