Now you’re gone

Now you’re gone

Now you’re gone

3 years, we were “together” 3 years. It wasn’t always easy, but the bond we had was like Bonnie and Clyde. I told you my biggest fears, deepest regrets. I knew how to cheer you up on your worst days. You did the same. Now I’m realizing you were really a lying manipulative heartless human. I wanted to see the good in you so badly, I STILL do. At this point I’m believing what everyone told me. I should’ve ran like hell! We made plans, we were just about to move in together. Then all of a sudden you’re in prison and won’t be out for 10 years. And I’m screaming on the inside daily because it was supposed to be us. I have to move on like nothing ever happened. You left your family out here, you were always selfish. Too greedy. And now look at where you are. We will always be the best thing that never happened. I’m writing this because I have to let go of our toxic relationship and move on. I’m forever heart broken over you to the core, some days my chest feels tight and I can’t breathe. I’m dying inside. It was supposed to be us but you were always so fucking selfish. I will always love you.

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  1. CeCe Coop 1 year ago

    I love this. I’m in the exact same position & feel like it’s the same guy!! I’d love to speak to you more! Stay strong. It’s so hard!

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