I miss you

I miss you

I miss you

LTME-postI still miss you everyday my friends think I’m over it and sometimes I also fool my self but reality always hits me again, I’m totally heartbroken some days I’m just glad your happy with your new girl but some days I get so mad because of how you treat me. These past few days I’ve just really wanted to call you I just want to hear your voice, but then I’m reminded that we don’t talk anymore and I can’t call you, it’s been 4 months and I’m still no further forward, whenever we do talk you tell me you miss me but then you say we could never get back together, why did you tell my best friend you want to get back with me and that you ended things with your new girl because she wasn’t me if you were only going to get back with her? I’m so confused there’s so many questions left unanswered, I just wish you were still here, apart of my life.

We didn’t have a great relationship but mannn I loved you, I still love you you made me happy you made my dark days lighter and i just miss you so much, I understood you better then she ever will I don’t mean to sound bitter but I was there for you in your darkest times, I knew by looking at you what was bothering you I knew you better then I know my self that’s something I know she can’t do. Why did you do it? Why did you give up on us? I know you said it’s because it wasn’t fair on me because the relationship was toxic but it wasn’t you made me happy , yes i did cry a lot and yes I had trust issues but that doesn’t mean I wanted you to just walk away and give up on me? I would never ever give up on you. Even now to this very day I would still take you back and yes I’m a fool for that but I love you. I love you I love you I love you! I miss you so much please come back.


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