Thank you, for the memories

Thank you, for the memories

Thank you, for the memories

LTME-postLoving can hurt. Loving can hurt sometimes.

I’m not sure if you still remember the times we spent together. I do.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on. I have, at least a little. Of course, it still hurts sometimes. It always will. But I’d just like to say thank you for the memories. Whenever I’m feeling down I look back to the time I spent with you. And while I’m filled with an immense sadness that it was never meant to be, I’m grateful. Grateful that for that short amount of time, I had the privilege of knowing you.

That I had the privilege of knowing –
What it meant to have feelings for someone.
What it meant to find a soulmate.
What it meant to love.

I hope that you felt it too.

I know that I’ll always remember you. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever fall in love again. I hope I will. It just means that you will always have a special place in my heart. My first love.

Thank you, for the memories. I’m sorry it was never meant to be. But I will never forget the love I felt for you.

Because it was beautiful. And it will always be.


  1. Grant 3 years ago

    I just contacted my first real love after 26 years.

    After catching up over the course of a phone call, we texted a few times the next morning.

    She said goodbye to me, and kept adding ‘Thanks For The Memories’ a couple of times.

    I took it as a hint, and typed it into my browser.

    Your letter is what came up, and I am sure that she was alluding to it.

    It just fits too good.

    It is as if she may have wrote it herself.

    I am heartbroken all over again, although all the more thankful for what I have now.

  2. Steve 2 weeks ago

    Our memories have the same effect on all of our emotions and relationships, whether those memories are true or not.

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