The stewardess hate letter

The stewardess hate letter

The stewardess hate letter

LTME-postthe hate letter to Fayee

you are disagrace to me and to God
you betrayed your best friend, your buddy, who trusted you with everything
not only you lost boyfriend but a true friend somebody not only to fuck with but to come in need for support and cry on shoulder
when you was making this decision , you was not thinking of me while every decision I was making I was thinking of you.

stubbing me in my back suddenly

I am happy you have done this now and not in few years time. It saved me lots of disappointment
in my eyes you are just simple air hostess serving coffee and nothing else. !
and you should stay like that because you don’t deserve and not grown up to have such an asset like me.
I am happy that time showed the truth and God protected me from you.
God Bless!



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