From love to bitter hate

From love to bitter hate

From love to bitter hate


This started out as a text that I would keep to use if you ever messaged me again. I kept a lot of love for you even after all you did to me. When you insinuated that my daughter was retarded the last time you texted me and that there is a “test for that”, the gloves are officially off. The love I had for you is shattered and replaced by a burning, angry, and deep hatred. Here’s what I planned to send you if you ever texted me. Now, its vented and I’m happy with my hatred of you, for what you are, and how sick you are inside…

I have an idea: why don’t you go outside and play a game of hide and go fuck yourself, because anyone who is willing to fuck you is just too lazy to jack off. You’re a useless, selfish, sick, and twisted dumb cunt. Maybe you should take the antidepressants you had on the shelf at our old house. My ex wife even said one of the meds you had was an antipsychotic when I asked her what the fuck they were.

You insulted my daughter and you crossed the fucking line with me in doing so. We are fucking enemies now; I cant make it any simpler than that for you, and you are now nothing to me. You’re less than nothing. I’m not interested in hearing what you have to say; first because its bullshit, second because it must be exhausting for you to utilize your entire vocabulary in a single sentence. Instead of wasting my time, why don’t you go and deepthroat a cactus, fuck a landmine, or better yet go headbutt a fucking bullet, because your gene pool could use a little bit of fucking bleach anyway.

This text is about as much of a fuck as I give. We only have so many fucks to shell out in this life, and you used up a huge portion of mine. So fuck you and go die, suffer, or whatever. I don’t care; a painful, agonizing, and rageful death. You deserve no more than that. I’m actually quite embarrassed to belong to the same species as you. You’re scum. You’re vile. You’re a slut. You’re broken. I fucking despise you for all you have done and all you tried to do, and mostly because you can’t or wont admit it, or even say you’re sorry. You never appreciated the lengths I went to and what I was willing to go through for you. How hard I worked to keep you and your daughter happy. How exhausted I was but still found time for you and your daughter. All you did was get drunk, high, treat me like shit, burn my money, and yet you still would complain.

I gave up everything; my wife, my family, my home, my job, and everything I had to be with you by choice, and then you went behind my back. You never loved or respected me even enough to be honest with me. All you did was make me feel like nothing. Look in the goddamn mirror for once, Sabrina. You just used me and threw me aside when something else came along to excite you or grab your attention. I was good for paying the bills and taking you out, that’s it. I would love to spend more time talking about what I think and feel about you right now, because I could have gotten over what you did to me and forgiven you easily, but by insulting my daughter, you are now totally different in my eyes.

There are three things at play here: 1) I neither have the time to waste on you nor do I feel like expending any energy or resources on you. 2) I wasn’t born with enough middle fingers to properly express my disdain for you because of what you said about my daughter. 3) you are simply undeserving as a human being of even a single shred of effort or care, and you don’t deserve love in any form. You don’t know how to be loved, or even remotely reciprocate; you can’t even own and apologize for what you did to me, how you lied, manipulated, went behind my back, how you used me, what you said, tried to do, and more than anything the fucking insult toward my daughter insinuating she is retarded.

Fuck you. You’re a narcissistic brat; a leech. You take and take, you complain, and nothing is ever good enough for you. You only bitch and whine. You blame everyone else for your pitiful existence when it’s entirely of your own making. You don’t put any effort into anything outside of your delusion filled little bubble. You’re narrow minded, broken, and evil. So fuck off. Go die. I really don’t even give a shit anymore, Sabrina. You made me feel amazing after I felt numb for so long; a method to get what you needed, wanted, and to feed your narcissism. You did exactly what you promised me before we moved that you wouldn’t do. You betrayed me. You were disloyal. You used me.

If you knew ME, you would have apologized. You would have made some effort to meet me halfway, not use me as a fucking doormat. Even if you were going to keep using me, I probably would have given you a chance to straighten your shit. That’s what actual love allows for. No longer for you with me, though. I knew back in February the kind of shit you were doing, saying, and setting up to do with your ex; him flying up so you could fuck him while I watched your daughter being none the wiser. You couldn’t even play me without getting caught. Karma is a bitch, and make no mistake darlin, you’re going to get yours. So I’m fucking through with you and all the trash in the world like you. Go fuck off to your shitty trailer on the reservation. That life suits you.

I’ve got a life to live, a daughter to care for, and traveling to do with a hot, intelligent, funny, kind, generous, and empathetic PhD student who is majoring in physics and climate science, and she has been through some shit and emigrated here from Mexico to start a new life and pursue her dreams. She’s inspiring and the kind of person who will make an impact on the world, unlike your alcoholic, self centered, usurous whore self. The best part is, she doesn’t use my fucking money or fuck me around. Quite frankly, you’ve got nothing to offer me anymore. You’re not so special, or unique, and the fact is: you don’t get me high anymore. And never again. No part of my life involves you anymore. You’re dead to me.

– Jay


  1. SB 5 years ago

    Love is a very precious gift! I am 65 years old and have been married for 38 years.
    I met a girl , I was 19 and she was 18, we were inseparable for 8 months. I didn’t think I could had been closer to her , if I had wanted to! Then , one day I find out she is seeing a casual acquaintance, I never would have thought she was was the least bit interested in.All of a sudden, she never wants to talk to me or see me the rest of her life. She then tells she doesn’t know how she loved someone like me who has no pride. She completely blindsided me. My mind was completely blown!
    I’m thinking all along how great things are between us and then she hits me with this bs. I was in a complete state of shock!
    I tried to confront her , but she was just say the same mean and cruel things to me over and over.If anything, I think it was my pride that was trying to understand why she was destroying our relationship I tried for nearly 2 years to get some reason from her for doing this. No apology ,no explanation, no nothing. All of a sudden I was poison to her.
    Unfortunately, i let her actions fuck my head up very badly.
    I was not able to trust a woman with my feelings for quite some time. I met my wife 7 years later and she was my first girlfriend in all that time!
    I actually found out that my ex girlfriend got married to someone-else entirely about 3 years after she broke up with me from one of her friends who i found on Facebook.
    I even tried contacting her on Facebook, to see if she would have the decency to tell me why she treated me that way after all these years, I thought maybe she may actually have a conscience, but that was my mistake.
    I guess she just led me on with all these lies about how much she loved me and we were making love repeatedly How someone who I felt so close and intimate with could completely change and then to not have the decency to discuss anything with me. I still find this after all these years incomprehensible.

    • G 4 years ago

      Hey SB, that’s really touching. I’m sorta in the same boat. My ex broke up with me after a year and a half telling me she just wasn’t in love with me anymore, randomly out of nowhere blind siding me. We talked about how much we loved each other and how we’d be together forever and talked about our future kids and marriage all the time. We were so close and intimate and then poof, less than 3 days after our break up she’s hugging and kissing some other guy saying he stole her heart. 2 weeks later she tells me she was wavering her love for me 2 months prior but never spoke up because she really wanted to be with me. She eventually tells me nothing on how this happened or why she got with someone else so fast. She said she didn’t mean to hurt me but her new boyfriend didn’t want us talking. She eventually got mad that I couldn’t understand how I could so easily tossed aside and not be important anymore that she screamed for the first time at me that she didn’t want me texting or calling her ever again.

      I truly don’t understand humans. How one second they’re telling you that they’re your everything and the next they’re a completely different person.

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