You’re in jail and you get in touch?

You’re in jail and you get in touch?

You’re in jail and you get in touch?

LTME-postHey, I got both your letters and my lawyer said not to respond. You’re in jail. Your daughter and I are fine. I just want to know why now? Why after 2 years are you just now telling me you love me still? Why is it that you had to be put in jail to sober up long enough to see what you’ve lost? I’ve wanted to hear those words for 2 years but now that I’ve heard them it’s hard to believe them. 2 years without checking on us. 2 years of being with crackhead girlfriends who enable your meth addiction. 2 years of listening to your family who says I’m in the wrong but all I did was protect our daughter from that lifestyle that they enable. I pray for you every night, I’ve never stopped praying for you. I really hope you get clean. I wanted visitation changed because it was going to be supervised by your parents at their house if you ever passed a drug test, but it’s been 2 years and they haven’t seen our daughter either, she’s never even been to that house, she would be terrified. I’m not saying you could never be around her. If you got clean then you could, but we don’t need to throw her into an environment where she knows no one. When you get out it’s going to be hard for you to stay clean if you come back to this town. It’s going to be hard to stay clean if u go back around your family who doesn’t see a problem enabling that drug behavior by giving u a place to sleep and money to buy drugs with and making it easy to stay high. I really hope you realize you would have to leave this town to have a fresh start. You would need God more than anything tho. Please stay strong and get through this and read your bible every day. I promised I’ll always be here to support you I just can’t risk our daughters safety and Christian upbringing by allowing you to walk into our lives when all your doing is telling me words, you had 2 years out here in the same town and never tried. So why now?

-the best mother to this beautiful 2 year old princess


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