I’m still not yet over you

I’m still not yet over you

I’m still not yet over you

LTME-postHi Kent, its been 493 days since we broke up to be exact and I’m still… heartbroken. I don’t want to admit at first but as days go passed by the truth slaps me I’m not yet over you. I still love you, I really do. But I know things are different now. Almost two years since we broke up for a nonsense reason. Almost two years of suffering wishing that we could be together again. Almost two years of stalking in your fb and instagram to check if you got another girl. Almost two years of pretending that I’m already done with you and I DON’T LOVE YOU ANYMORE but the truth is I REALLY DO. Almost two years of wishing that our ways will crossed so that I can tell you how I feel and how I really want to be with you again. And almost two years of hiding my feelings for you.

I really did my best to move on but why is it so hard? So hard that I could still feel the pain when you decided to leave me and ended up our relationship. We are actually fine, we are doing okay. All of a sudden, in just one nonsense quarrel. Its my fault, I did not forgive you right away, I was just scared and I felt empty when I waited for someone. It feels like they would leave me in an instant.

I’m sorry for the times that you need to handle my mood swings, for being patient when I got mad, for always sending me a inspiring messages, for dating me, for loving me, for taking good care of me, for being submissive and loyal. I… actually, lost a man, a boyfriend, a lover, a bestfriend.

I wish I’d told you that I still love you until now, but since I write this letter unto you I promise to myself to stop and moved on. Letting you go maybe hard but It is more harder if I will lock myself up to you.

Please let me say again our callsign just this once, baby… Thank you, for all the good and bad times that we shared. If ever you’re in my arms again this time I’LL LOVE YOU MUCH BETTER. Baby, I miss your hugs and kisses. Baby, I miss everything on you. I love you and I ALWAYS WILL. Please be good and I hope you are well. I love you baby so much…goodbye baby.

Anais M


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