Telling the truth

Telling the truth

Telling the truth

Hi Ben,

I’m writing to tell you a truth that I omitted when we broke up. Although we were heading that way anyway, I didn’t tell you the reason why I called at that exact time. I cheated on you with a friend, and I realised I wanted to be with that person. That’s why I called you at that particular moment to break up.

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth at the time, I was scared and ashamed to. It was a part of my behaviour I was particularly worried about – like my achilles heel. I didn’t want to be a cheater, that person.

I don’t think I’m actually seeking forgiveness from you, I’m seeking forgiveness from myself. Trying to forgive my 18 year old self for taking the easy path of lying, rather than being brave and facing myself. Might have meant I’d be facing a different me now, 12 years later.

Take care and all the luck for whatever you want in life,


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