We Weren’t In Love

We Weren’t In Love

We Weren’t In Love

Hi, it’s been a while maybe month maybe two, like what you said to her, I liked how you didn’t talk about me and ur story with me, and how  I left you. Today I realized that I wasn’t in love with, you made me realize that feelings are not stable and how we meet people the same as us and we feel happy while we’re talking to them. You know I am kind of person that doesn’t talk about how they’re feeling easily and how do they love, you said we’re girls are so complex to understand, but you weren’t in love with me … because if you were you tried you’re best to understand my complex feelings and behaviors.

And I wasn’t in love too, I was happy when I discovered I was such a small thing that happened in your life, I felt the peace inside of me when you weren’t hurting because of me, but why I was thinking about you and wishing if I could set with you again and tell me about you’re crazy stories. you know when I first set with you that day I just felt that we have known each other since millions of year, It’s hard to find people like you. You were the same as me, we were the same in everything weakness points, but you were worst than me … you like to play with others and have them in you’re life even if they’re going to leave, you are risky, you are something even if it’s bad you will always be something I can’t forget, even if I didn’t love you … but I don’t regret knowing you.


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