From 1825 days to 30 days.

From 1825 days to 30 days.

From 1825 days to 30 days.

LTME-postDear B,
So, it’s been exactly a month since you decided to end things with me, B. *Over text* after dating for 4 years. Because the relationship turned “toxic”? Oh how I know that is the most ridiculous excuse ever as you claimed otherwise just a week before breaking my heart. Why did you have to drag it on for so long? Yu didn’t even feel I was worthy of an explanation? Why did you pick the worst time of my life to do this to me, I was already having a very hard time with everything going wrong with you? Instead of being there for me, to support me, why would you abandon me? What did I ever do to deserve such inhumane behavior? Why did you’ve to be such a coward? You were never like this. And how when I questioned you, you said, “all promises that I made in the past are now irrelevant”, do you have any idea how much your words can hurt? You’re making a huge mistake. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. Seems like you’ve zero remorse over your decision. Hope you realize your mistake soon. I really can’t seem to take this anymore. Stop lying to yourself. Stop telling yourself you are doing nothing to me. Why do I still care about you when you don’t care about me? Idk. I would’ve never done this to you but I guess we can’t expect everyone to have the same heart as you.



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