Hey youssef.
I doubt you’ll ever stumble across this letter or its existence but here i go haha. 
when we met i was so vulnerable and inexperienced that i genuinely had no clue of what i was getting myself into. if only i had the chance to even have a glance of the pain you would put me through, would i never have let you in my life. 

The first month or two was picture perfect, almost like a romance movie, but then it just went downhill. what was the purpose of you flirting with other girls whilst i was with you? what was the outcome? that i wasnt gonna tolerate it and eventually call you out on it and you’d call me “dramatic.” pathetic. you taught me that loving unconditionally and constantly wasnt always the best thing. not to mention that i gave you your boundaries and practically had no control of what you did, yet you had control of everything i did; who i talked to, who i was friends with etc. The fact that i tolerated your “girl best friend” without coming to the acknowledgment that you would eventually leave me for her when i was in the worst mental state. I would write you paragraphs, get to know all your friends/family, send you voice messages before you went bed, i did it all. Yet that still wasnt enough for you. 

I just wish i had the chance to tell you how much of an ungrateful bastard you are and how you missed out on someone who genuinely cared about you. However, through this almost “trauma” you put me through, i became a stronger and wise woman, who unfortunantely has trust and commitment issues. I definitely dont miss you nor the attention you gave me, i just wanna be as happy as i was when i would get a notification from you or a call. those butterflies felt surreal. I want those butterflies, but never again with you. 

Ive always wished you the best with your new girlfriend, maybe she isn’t the best person, but for you she’s perfect. she’s everything i wasn’t i guess, but of course i wish you both the best of happiness and hope you two stay together forever. Not everyone you get with will be your soulmate, even if you sense it inside.


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