It’s over completely

It’s over completely

It’s over completely

You can say whatever you want about me, how I have issues and fucked everything up, but at the end of the day, you’re just as much at fault as I am. 

Maybe in another life, you could’ve been mine and we would’ve been happy in a relationship. I know this because I saw it. But there was too much damage there, too much devastation, too much heartbreak to keep the relationship growing.
I know you were so heartless in the breakup to act like you don’t care or didn’t care that I’m leaving. You said you never wanted to lose me but at the end of the day, when it came down to fighting for the relationship, you decided to fight me instead.

Maybe I’m partly to blame, but I won’t take blame for the way I felt and how I expressed it. I’m not like other women you’ve known and I’m not like any other you will meet.
I wish you the best, I really do, and I wish we could’ve been together, but not all wishes come true frrl. I hope you find your peace, I hope you work your issues out. I hope you find happiness. I’m sorry that wasn’t me.
I know love isn’t easy, but genuine love is worth the fight. Toxic love is not.
I know you will find that person someday. She’s out there for u.

I chose to walk away from you and the relationship because I know I deserve better. I deserve someone who will be prompt and not leave me hanging. I deserve someone who can hold a conversation without blowing up. And most importantly, I deserve someone who will drop anything and everything without me having to ask in order for that person to be there for me in anything.
I deserve so much more than the crap you put me through. I was faithful to u but u couldn’t see that, and that you never ever wanted to lose me, “I would never ever do anything to hurt you”, you said. “You didn’t mean it”. You only meant all of that when I didn’t call you out on anything, but once I did, you had this other side to you that was toxic and just so negative.
I know you blame me for everything. But truth be told, I take little responsibility.

Back then I was broken, the pain comes in waves. I wanted to love you and I saw myself loving you, but you didn’t let me. You were too defensive, unwilling to give your pride up, you believed you gave me absolutely everything but that must be the narcissist in you.
I don’t need luck because I have my strength.
I know who I am and I know I will survive anything in my life regardless.
I am a strong person and always will be and I am me. I won’t lose sight of that because I know my worth.
But yeah ill be good regardless so keep that same energy love. And naw I don’t want to be friends at all we good.

Go do you love I want nothing from u at all.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to contact you ever again after this. It clearly just has to be said. 

Have a great life love.


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