You’re such a liar

You’re such a liar

You’re such a liar

LTME-postI worked my @$$ off so i could buy you stuff saved every penny i had then you just dump me for another girl after telling me “I ain’t gonna trust anyone else etc.” All you did was used me you lil c**t. I should’ve known better and left you a long time ago. So you can talk to your exes behind my back f**k other people behind my back but not Sammis I see what you wanted me for i hope you burn in h**l you abusin byb lil f**ck all you are is a money grubbin loser I’m glad I’m free and Sammi is stuck with that now cuz she don’t even realize that your user her just like you did with me and every other girl you were with!


  1. Redneckasshole 4 years ago

    I wrote you a letter

  2. redneckasshole 4 years ago

    i wish you the best

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