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From Moo-Bear

From Moo-Bear


I know its still early days, but I am heartbroken. Six years we were together. We shared love, a home, a pet, family and memories. I’m sorry I didn’t vocalize my intentions to be with you forever until the end of our relationship. I always felt that my actions expressed my feelings more than my words. This kills me. I never knew you felt the way you did when you left me. I guess by the time I was ready to ask you to be my wife you had already given up and moved on. As I said the day I left, I want to marry you, I want to be the father of your children, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Words can’t describe the sadness I have felt since the day I drove away, seeing you standing our the garage through my rear view mirror. I feel as though my soul is broken, the other half of me is gone and I can’t find it. My soul is with you, but I can not be with you.

I know you think about me, but I can’t help but feel that you have already moved on while I am still stuck here, in this dark place. All the advice I have been given has done nothing to stop me loving you. It is killing me. People tell me I need to move on, and that you aren’t worth it. I can’t move on, I don’t want to. To me you are worth it, you are worth very part of my being. I miss you. I keep wishing our love would somehow bring us back together, like a movie, but real life isn’t like that I guess. I hope that letter I sent you was received well. It was sent with good intentions. Although I sent it not expecting a reply, all I did was hope you would, somehow, just to let me know you were still there. I’m sorry we ended this way. I never thought we would. I love you.

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    Rachel @ LTME 8 years ago

    Heartbreaking. I hope you’re doing ok, MV.

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