Moving on from you

Moving on from you

Moving on from you

LTME-postHello P
I finally found a platform through which I can convey my feelings towards you. You told me everything you wanted to and said everything is over. If you complaint that I had not given You enough space , even you never given me time to think about what can be done to fix things up. While I was trying all ways possible to mend the things in btw us, you felt like I was doing drama and showing fake emotions. You blocked me in all ways possible making me even more emotionally weak. While you decided to move on , I was still in the frame where I imagined a life for us both,still had the words told by you in my head, was still trying to keep up to the promises we made each other. The same person who told me a couple of yrs back that he cannot imagine another girl in his life is today ready to get married to someone else. I wonder how someone can move on so quickly. Mayb I should have never taken your words seriously. You introduced me to the world of love and emotions and you behaved emotionless with me by the end of the relationship. If you said I hurt you, even you hurt me more than that. I did not seriously deserve the kind of treatment you gave me. I failed to recognise that you have always been an inferior person who wants to consider yourself right and rest of the world is wrong for you. Don’t think you did a big favour on me by taking the blame of breakup on to you. It doesn’t take me a damn to get over all this. I have been trying all through because I still stood by you. But what you did in return?? You ignored me and blocked me.

I am over you now. I have finally got the hell out of me. I need to no longer take up your worries and health issues and can lead a peaceful life. There was never mutual benefit in our relationship. If anyone was benefitted it was only you. You were never of any use to me.

When you think my emotions and concern towards you is a drama, you no more deserve to b loved.

Your ex.


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