What I wish I had said

What I wish I had said

What I wish I had said

LTME-postDear Michael,

It has been 4 months and you have still not offered me an explanation why you fucked off abroad without a word.
You still haven’t had the decency to explain who you were talking to in my bathroom the last time we saw each other.

I dumped you but you knew it was over the day you left me at the tube station. I am not an idiot. I could sense it in your demenaour . In the way you said, “Take Care.”

You are probably enjoying your life with whatever man or woman you were with all along but you didn’t think of the repercussions your lies would have on me. You told me you loved me. That was the biggest lie you told me.

All those days wondering when we would be together properly, all those minutes and secods wasted in vain.
Your friend’s mum died and your work gave you time off? You could afford last minute summer flights to Jamaica with no issues? Bullshit. You booked those flights ages ago to go with your girlfriend/wife/boyfriend.

I was the other woman, the secret you kept hidden away, some one you disposed of like a piece f shit when you got tired of me.

I hope kama hits you where it hurts. I don’t have any energy to waste on thinking of you any more.

I don’t miss the stink of your cheap aftershave, the mess you used to leave when you visited, our boring nights in the flat, a man boy, the cheap perfumes you bought me, you calling me fat. I don’t at all.

I am getting over you day by day until the thoughts of you are becoming more and more distant until one day it will be as if you never existed and they will evaporate into thin air.


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