LTME-postDear ex,
I hate your guts. You are a manipulator, liar and horny loser that I wish would get lost. You have caused me emotional and physical pain. Of course, the stupid naive girl that I am trusted you and believed every word you said which was a lie. I wish you nothing but bad luck and for someone to give you a taste of your own medicine. While we were dating you were lying to my face, making me feel like I was not good enough, making me jealous and sexting two other girls. You are a disgusting pig who I hate.


  1. Punisher 7 years ago

    I feel the same way but from the other side. I am a guy. I am sorry this happened to you. My ex did all this same shit to me. Just know the rage will subside, you will find peace and wisdom through this. You can use the hate as motivation to do cool stuff in your life now. You are powerful now and hey, he sounds like a bad guy anyway. Go find a good guy only after you truly do not need a guy at all. I wish you peace.

    • Babygirl 7 years ago

      Really…? It doesn’t ever subside.. just loses furor for a while and then returns with a vengeance.

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