My vow

LTME-postI vowed to understand a boy
who had a broken heart
that was not broken by a women
but more of life ripping him apart
I thought I could make smiles
but there’s blisters on my feet
having to trudge all those miles
just for our smiles to meet
I have so many words caught in my throat
why waste my breath and try again and again
so I stuff them in the pocket of my coat
for you do not want to hear my attempts to mend
my body has been made so weak
but I hold onto things to tight
and I have so many words I want to speak
but I fear you’ll say I’m right
I had been there in your hurricane
but you wanted something new
I looked down at my fragile vein
and all I saw was you
I thought you would collect my tear drops
like you collected the rain
but instead you screamed words at me
that were the definition of pain


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