We can’t meet anymore

We can’t meet anymore

We can’t meet anymore

LTME-postDear S,

Two months of joy and happiness is meant to be celebrated today. Two months since I felt happiness but it all came crashing down when we got caught. We can’t meet anymore. I won’t be able to feel him in my arms any more. I did not know the last time we met would have been the last forever. Instead of celebrating our two months, we ended up taking a break…for four years.The circumstances we were put in led to the end of us. The pain in my heart while telling him we have to take a break over again, threatens to spill the tears in my eyes. Already in the call with him, waiting for him to reach home, the pain and guilt knowing when he finally does, there won’t be an us anymore.

Choking on my breath as he asks me what I wanted to talk to him about. I tell him the best thing to do is to break up, as my voice cracks and tears spill down my cheeks. My heart wrenching at the realization that this is the end. He doesn’t say anything for a minute, then coughs and tells me it’s the right thing to do too. I tell him how much I love him and how much he means to me as the phone rings. Telling him to hang on as I wipe my tears and pick up the call.

Coughing as I pick up his call again to let him now I’m back. I hear him sniffle and clearing his throat…he’s crying. My heart tightening with pain as I hear his broken voice lying to me by saying he’s ‘okay’. Tears roll down faster down my cheeks while I hear this man breaking inch by inch as he asks me if we will ever talk again.


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