Dear baby daddy

Dear baby daddy

Dear baby daddy

LTME-postI still love you, but I know I shouldn’t. Its been a few months since I’ve seen your face. I miss you every single day. You write me letters that all say the things I would’ve loved to hear when you were here. You blew up the little safe world I created. I hate you more than anyone can ever imagine. I want to tell you to stop trying to call me, I want to tell you to go fuck off.. I just can’t seem to though. As I sit here in the park we had our first date I think of all the shitty and amazing moments I had with you. You wasted my time, for four whole years. I gave up everything for you and in the end you fucked me over by doing what you did with that girl. While I was pregnant and still pregnant. Made me have to this entire thing on my own. I love you very much and all I can do is wish the best for you. I will do this own my own, I will overcome the sadness you caused. You gave me more determination to go back to medical school and become the person I’ve always dreamed of. I will the best dad you could ever be to our child. You will regret what you have done. I see how much you wish you could take it all back, but in this life you only get one chance to do it right. Maybe in the next life it’ll go better for the both of us. Stay sane, stay safe. I love you you asshole.


  1. Bob 6 years ago

    Sounds like you hung up on a real winner ashame on him for cheating. The sooner you can get past him the better chance at meeting your soul mate. Who knows maybe you already have

  2. K 6 years ago

    Men that walk out in a newborn baby or leave they’re missus pregnant, plays no role or doesn’t live up to responsibility. Very sad, selfish and boy like behaviour. I would say stay away from this man. When’s he older he can’t possible get back all those lovely memories of the child growing. One day he will look back with shame and guilt. Move on past this irresponsible man. I always say to my friends be careful if a man can walk out on his missus and kids I don’t think they’ll be staying with the new love for long thou the poor woman may be delusional!
    You will find your souls mate once you have put the past behind you.

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