Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories

LTME-postLooking back at all of our old texts, I just want to say: thanks for making my standards higher! I must have gone blind for a year for believing that you were a catch. If I had a time machine, I would have just stayed friends. Throughout the relationship, you were disrespectful towards me and you were in constant contact with other girls. And now, you are contacting me again? Hell no, I will not become one of your ex-girlfriends that you constantly contact. I sincerely hope to never have met you. With this letter, I let you and all your memories go. I think you must live a sad life to want to reach out to me again and again after I ignore you. If you think I am ever speaking to you again, you are mistaken. That being said, when people ask me about you, I will definitely say I don’t know you, because you are dead to me.

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  1. Ricardo 2 years ago

    Sounds exactly like something my ex would write…

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