I don’t want to love you anymore

I don’t want to love you anymore

I don’t want to love you anymore

It was over a year ago when you decided to break it off. A year of fun, adventurous, hopefully, free, emotional love that seemed could never go away. I cried for days, weeks, even months over the whole in my heart that I could not fill. I did things after to try and replace what you had left open. The worse part of the whole breakup is that you haven’t let me go, you have not gone two weeks without texting me and asking to see me. To someone you really cared about how could you still drag me into that utter hope that maybe this love was meant to be and it was as hard for you as it was me. I wish that one day you feel the pain, that I still feel today.

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  1. 2 u 2 years ago

    T..even if u hurted me too..no day goes by without thinking about u..

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