From my broken heart to your cold heart

From my broken heart to your cold heart

From my broken heart to your cold heart

LTME-postDear G,

or X. I know I’ve ruined everything but you didn’t give me a chance to explain. Not even a clue of why you broke up with me, and I guess that’s what kept me up late at night. You held me when I was breaking even if we weren’t together anymore and that’s what broke me the most, you showed that you cared for me but you stopped loving me. I hate how you held me when I was breaking without even knowing that you were the reason I was breaking. I wanted you to be happy, and now that you are happy without me, I’ve realized I should’ve let you go from the start, if you leaving me was what made you happy, I’ve no idea why you held onto me for 5 months, or was it just me who was holding on? I know that right now, I’m not on your mind, I don’t think I ever am anyway. A few days back, you told me you like her when you knew exactly how I felt for you, I cried like hell and now I can’t, I feel numb like you’ve taken all the life from me, and it annoys me because everything you do still affects me and I never wanted to admit this but I miss you, I want you back, I still love you. The fact that you’re saying that to someone else is what irks me the most. Was everything we had just nothing to you for you to move on so quickly? I’ve done everything for you and I would still do anything for you and it hurts me to know that you wouldn’t. Hurts me to know I am not your number one priority anymore. Hurts me to know that loving me is one of your biggest regrets. Maybe we are better off loving each other as friends, because loving each other as lovers did nothing but destroy us. Thank you for making me feel like I am worthless in this world. From my broken heart to your cold heart.

Your stranger with memories,
Mack & Cheese. Even if you know I hated that meal.


  1. .X 6 years ago

    I miss you. I love you. Text me. I swear im always waiting. Everything is just General Principle… since im your X. Im not where you left me. Im drifting in the wind.

  2. .X 6 years ago

    i dont mean to make you feel bad. you are worth more than this universe to me. you are my balance. You are my light on a dark day. You are my anchor. my heat. you are my explination of love. please forgive me. lets have that talk before i go.

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