Where I went wrong

Where I went wrong

Where I went wrong

LTME-postTo my dearest ex,

It’s been one year, and one month since you broke up with me. I thought we had it all, we never once had a fight, I was always so happy, and you were too, or so I thought. You changed, and you changed too fast for me to even stop it. The “I love you’s,” turned into “love you,” or “love you too,” which were two phrases that we didn’t use. It was always the three words “I. Love. You.” until one day it wasn’t. I saw you texting your “best friend,” the day we broke up. I know she wasn’t just your “best friend,” and in a way I blame her for all of this too. I don’t know what I did to make you change, Was I too nice? Was I too enthusiastic? Did I make too much time for you? Looking back on our relationship, I now see that it had a sort of abuse to it. We didn’t fight because I always let you have your way. Whenever I didn’t agree on something, you would make me feel like a terrible girlfriend and make me pity you until I agreed. If I was worried about you drinking and galavanting around town drunk and underaged, I was clingy. Me wanting to spend time together and go out turned annoying around the end. You made my heart sink when you said we needed a break. You said it was temporary, and then all of a sudden, it wasnt temporary anymore. You promised we would always stay friends and I tried, but you didnt put in any effort, and eventually I gave up. You made me depend on you and feel like I was your servant, and now that you’re gone, I dont know who I am. I’m scared to start something new because I dont want this to happen all over again, I push people away every single day because Im scared of becoming attached to them. I dont talk very much anymore, and I’m self concious of every single one of my body parts. I tried to give you the world. I hope you’re doing good, because even after everything I’ve felt since February 9th, 2016, I still wish you all the happiness in the world.

“Your (ex) girl”


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