Dear Ex

LTME-postI just want to say I hope you’re doing well. I hope you’re getting everything you want in life, and so much more. I hate that you went back to her… She’s your ex for crying out loud. I thought you loved me, but you damn sure proved me wrong. In a way I wish I never ever fucking met you. It was all for nothing. You left me numerous times, and what did I do? I stayed. I stayed for you. You told me numerous lies about her…

“I hate her, and I’ll never take her back. I’m not that dumb,” you said.

I don’t hate you though. In fact I want you to be happy. Maybe you two are meant to be, and maybe I was suppose to be temporary. I don’t like think about it like that. I wanted us to last, and now there is no “us.” I can’t go back in time, and fix anything. Nor can you, not that you would even if you could. I’m sure you hate me, and I’m sure it’s a very strong hate. You think I cheated on you, and I honestly didn’t. However it’s her word against mine, so you believe her. I would have done anything for you, and I didn’t ever want to lose you.

I do want to say I’m sorry. I really am. I’m sorry I didn’t spend more time with you, and I’m sorry I done things to intentionally make you mad. I wouldn’t have traded you for the world though. I was happy with you. Granite sometimes you done things I didn’t like. You wouldn’t have liked it if I done half of the things you done… I tried to act like it didn’t bother me. But like I really want someone I really care about, to go and talk to their “girl friends.” Would have you wanted me to? No. You would have through a fucking fit about it. Not me though, because if I would have? You would have left me. You would have left me, because you’ve been friends with them forever… That was always your excuse. So what if I had been friends with my guy friends forever, right? That isn’t fair to me. I let go so many people for you.

Not going to lie my heart hurts. I think it’ll hurt for a very long time, and that’s okay. You taught me a lesson. You weren’t a mistake. But when it comes to you? I’m always the one hurting in the end. You don’t even seem to care, if I’m doing okay. You have’t tried to contact me, only when you assume I’m doing something. It hurts, but you deserve to be happy as well as the next person. I wish you well. I guess this is goodbye.


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