Why did you lie?

Why did you lie?

Why did you lie?

LTME-postDear ex
All I really want to know is why? Why did you say you would never leave no matter how hard things got why did you only say things just to make me happy but not really mean it? And why do you still want to be in my life so you can try to wheel me back into the pain you caused me. I use to blame myself for this because ya sometimes I got a little crazy but that was only because I cared for you, but now I know it’s not my fault because if you truly love someone then you stick together through it all.

The point is you hurt me even though we where only together for a short time it still hurts because I finally let my walls down and let you in and then you turn around and hurt me and make me regret everything. You didn’t seem like the type but I guess I was wrong I’m so sick of feeling this way when I know your not even thinking about me. I can’t do this anymore I can’t mess with you anymore it hurts to much to know that all I’m to you now is some sex object and that’s all you see me as.
Once I figure out why you did this to me then I will have my closure and I know I can move on to better things and I hope one day you realize that you had a good women who loved you no matter what you did and what you didn’t do for her.

From your not so happy
Ex girlfriend


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