I am over you

I am over you

I am over you

LTME-postIt has become clear you do not feel the same way about me. You were my first love and for years I have waited for you, believing you were the one, but I was so wrong. Everyone always told me I could do better and I refused to believe them, I am just pleased that I can now see that for myself.

Since getting to know you again I have learnt how arrogant, cold and selfish you have become, you are a very different person to the man I fell in love with. You expect me to make all of the effort while you bring nothing to the table, it simply isn’t happening anymore. I refuse to be played like a fool, to be insulted and treated like an option. If there are so many other girls after you, go ahead and get with them, I am done chasing you.

There will come a time when you regret all of this, you will look back and wish you had made an effort with me when you had the chance. Even though you clearly don’t appreciate it, I commend myself for waiting for you because now I have no doubts about moving forward. I have been honest with you about how I feel, I gave you a chance but you took it all for granted and have blown it. I am finally over you.


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