I should’ve given you a second chance.

I should’ve given you a second chance.

I should’ve given you a second chance.


Hey this is me spilling all my feelings out in a couple paragraph letter. You made such an amazing impact on my life. I still remember so many great memories that we made! I wish we could make so many more, but my dumb ass self just gave up on the relationship and i’m sorry for that. Please forgive me for acting so immature about our breakup and never thinking that there was even a chance for trying everything again. You have tried so hard to get me back and I just blow everything off. Now I have no chance with you, because you talk to other girls. The reason why is because I never know what to say. I always felt that I was leading you on. And trust me that was the last thing I wanted to do.

Just saying I didn’t forget anything that happened in our relationship. You will always hold a big spot in my heart. I miss you giving me your big bear hugs that made me feel like I had so much worth. You really did love me and I guess things just didn’t “go as planned.” You were my everything, my world, and my best friend. Even though our relationship didn’t last that long, it felt like a lifetime. I was definitely head over heels for you, I guess I just didn’t show it enough then I wanted to and I’m sorry for that.

Despite what everyone else said like “how we aren’t meant for each other” or we just “didn’t work.” I still loved you through our tough times. I just wish I could still call you mine.

I want to thank you for showing me there are people in this world like you. Thank you for being so thoughtful. Thank you for always caring even when you didn’t want to. Thank you for putting me on the top of your list. Thank you for always loving me even when I was a total pain in your ass. Thank you for making me smile when I needed it. Thank you for being my “go to person” to rant to. Thank you for all the outstanding memories we made. Thank you for letting me meet your parents. Thank you for not taking advantage of me. Thank you for letting me be a big part of your life. Thank you for bringing me into your life. Thank you for all those stupid puns (those we’re great!) Thank you for all you do. Just thank you for being you.(:

JJ, you are a whole lot of lovely.

Sincerely loved,


  1. ANON 4 years ago

    Wow, this really hit home. ;(

  2. ANON 4 years ago

    This hit me right in my heart.;(

  3. AnonymousSingleIdiot 4 years ago

    My heart shattered while reading this, I’m sorry.

  4. A 3 years ago

    Don’t give up. Speak to him

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