To my best friend

To my best friend

To my best friend

LTME-postHey MJP,
You were my first true love. When we met, i was much older than you, but our love was real. 6 months into dating and you moved in. We lived together for 3 1/2 years. I know they were your college years, but to me, i saw a future. I saw you as my future, my wife, the mother to my children, the woman I would hold till we were old and shriveled, the one I would be buried next to. Now, you are an ex. You left, and I cant blame you. The fighting was getting so bad. I knew we had issues, but they just kept spiraling out of control. I wanted couples counceling to work so bad, but it was too late. Your love was gone, and I helped drive it away.

I know ive said it before, but im sorry. Im sorry for all the fights. Sorry for all the harsh words. Sorry for all the nights I slept on the coach. Sorry for wasting so much time we cant get back.

I know you want to stay in contact. I know you want to be friends. But I cant. Seeing you last week was extasy, and watching you leave was tourture. I know you beleive we will love like this again, and we will find a better fit. Maybe you are right. I just wish it could have been different. Every time we say goodbye, we dont want to mean it. But this is it. Goodbye. I hope in another life, we can be together, this time forever.

I will always love you,


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