Well, you don’t fool me…

Well, you don’t fool me…

Well, you don’t fool me…

Oh Jamie….
As a little FYI, it’s nice to know the truth since you’re pretty terrible at giving a person that. You know, the truth that Tessa actually left you. That where this all started was the night of you getting inappropriate with the neighbor after Tessa was making out with her in the backseat of the car (you know where your hands went and you know how the husband was upset with you). That seems to be the side you “forgot” to tell me about.
Or is it the truth that you simply use people to try to hurt someone else. Does that make you feel good inside? I’d like to know, what has this done for you thus far/accomplished? Just like you used to me to try to make Tessa jealous. Perhaps part of your narcissistic traits along with all your other selfies that I can’t keep up with. Or your inability to empathize or want to actually get to know someone else. Maybe you can continue just to have conversations where you dominate the convo and talk solely about yourself and your son with no genuine interest in anything that doesn’t pertain to you.
Do you remember sitting here the day we last spoke, in my bedroom, looking at me like I’m the world’s worst person…only to actually have that personally actually be you?! Does it make you feel good to project blame and gaslight others “I’m joking! I’m joking!” You know…all those times you made extremely rude and hurtful comments. First it was Erika, you and your inappropriate conversations and comments. You know them all. I even recall when we were laying here in bed and you had the audacity to suggest something about her joining us. Once again, “I’m joking!” But… you see… as you, a self-proclaimed “man,” should know, those aren’t things you say to people. Just like your comments about the pixie, dike-looking bartender that I had to hear about twice. In great detail. Now, I didn’t ever, nor would I EVER boast about my past boyfriends or hookups to you. I would never do that about someone I cared about, as a woman. An adult. As a human being. Nor would I make comments at a concert about some married girl that walks in with her husband, and about “little does he know what I’ve done with her.” And then more gaslighting…. “I’m JOKING!” Only for you to make comments like, “Are you having fun? It doesn’t seem like you’re having fun.” To, “Well, it didn’t seem like you were having fun.” Are you f’n me? How the HELL is a person going to have fun when you’re making hurtful comments, talking about your past hookups, etc. when I’m there with you! My favorite part next was you turn and talk to her and her friend for quite some time when her husband hits the restroom! AFTER you told me you hooked up with her! An evening with you, time with you…and these are the conversations you boast to me about. I just want to know… what NORMAL person does these things? What were you trying to accomplish? Does it make you feel good to try to make others feel terrible inside? But my personal favorite will probably always be the lies. The staying overnight, the nothing happened, to Tessa texting you clearly wondering if you’re staying out because you’re not over at her house. You know, those texts are awesome. I’m not sorry for kicking you out. I’m sorry to myself for allowing you to take up 3 months and 10 minutes of my life typing this out. And any other unnecessary time it took to clear my mind of the fucked up shit you have done.
And now you’re on to women in Florida who are your sugar momma. And stealing wedding rings. And breaking into peoples’ houses. And that’s not just you, that’s her too. Etc. That’s the shit Jerry Springer is made of…aka your life. All while living this façade that you are this wonderful person… on social media, to your town, etc. But these people, they might be fooled. They might not be. But I will tell you one thing. You don’t fool me, and I don’t regret anything I said or did during the time you and I spoke. If nothing else, this was one short-term, shitty learning experience for me. I can only hope that you fix yourself before you continue to be destructive, hurtful, selfish, and a mindf*** to every other person out there you meet. That’s my hope so that no one else has to be involved in your drama. The drama that YOU bring to the table. I so badly wanted to respond to your “too many problems too soon” last text with this: Yes. We had too many problems, and they were because of YOU.
So thanks…thanks for doing me a favor. I found out who you really are from other people who actually know you better than myself. And I’m sure all the women on your long list of dating websites will figure you out also, as well as your gal in Florida who clearly has no clue what you’re doing here. The double life you lead, etc.
Kind Regards,


P.S. “Men” don’t brag about their d— size. That might have been cool back in high school….not so much in your 40’s. #manchild


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