Wish you happiness

Wish you happiness

Wish you happiness

LTME-postCall me anything you’d like, but i still wish you happiness. Our relationship may be one of the worst decisions of your life but in some way i don’t regret it at all. You showed me how it feels to be truly loved, needed and special. I may not be as important to you as you are to me but i was happy. I don’t care if one day you’d say that all of that was a lie because you were the only person who went through all that time and effort just for the disgusting me haha. I don’t belong to your world, and as naive as i was, my expectations of us ruined our relationship. Call it a thing of the past but i was truly grateful. Rod, hate me, curse me, blame me for what happened, call me dirty, a mistake i don’t care. All my life i was worthless, useless, heck i don’t even know anymore. You don’t even remember me anymore, do you? Even if it was just a while, even if the memories hurt, Rod i loved you. Thank you for everything. I wish you happiness in the next chapter of your life and hopefully, someday you’ll forget about me and a have a good life. I love you but you hate me don’t you? Goodbye love

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  1. Pancit 6 years ago

    If you’re Inke, please come to me.

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