F*ck you / f*ck me

F*ck you / f*ck me

F*ck you / f*ck me

LTME-postTo my dearest ex,


Fuck you for betraying my trust.
Fuck you for all your false promises.
Fuck me for sticking by your side when you lost your job.
Fuck me for telling you I would move with you to India when your US visa was in question.
Fuck you for telling you stuff I did not want to say and you did not want to hear, but I told you because I’d rather you hear it from me and hate me a little.
Fuck me for letting you coax me into staying in the relationship the past two times i wanted to break up with you.
Fuck you for calling me boring because even though you do interesting stuff, I am far more interesting to talk to.
Fuck me because I am not brahmin or Kannada and your parents wouldn’t approve of me.
Fuck me for putting out and being a skank and sleeping with you on the third date.
Fuck me for putting a lot of effort into the relationship.
Fuck you for not being there for me when I needed you most and dumping me the month I was going through a rough phase.
Fuck you for putting EVERYTHING above me when you were my priority.
Fuck you for telling me I had no ambitions and no life. I just never told you everything that was going on in my life because it was still MY LIFE and not OURS (without that ring).
Fuck you for not shedding a tear when I poured my heart out to you, the weekend after you broke up with me.
Fuck you for bitching about me to your NC friends who had never met me. I’m sure they would have loved me if I met them.
Fuck you for never standing up for me.
Fuck me for standing up for you when my friends asked why I was dating you.
Fuck me for confessing that I would wipe your fucking ass for the rest of your life if you became paralyzed.
Fuck you for not letting me know that our relationship was having trouble and instead of trying to fix it, broke it.
Fuck you for having me dream about having kids of my own.
Fuck you for asking me to move in with you, even if I didn’t have a job, a week before you dumped me.
Fuck me for having a vocal personality and saying whatever I think.
Fuck me for being a hopeless romantic and believing that there’s only one person for everyone.

Most of all, fuck me for loving you.

You will ALWAYS be the cause of my trust issues. You just enjoyed playing with my heart and I really hope you find a girl who plays with yours.
I really hope my next bf is not a complete asshole like you.


  1. George 3 years ago

    Oh Sandy,
    I just want to thank you for your letter as it’s an inspiration for me! I’ve found my self in so many similar things you’ve wrote there and all I can say is Fuck!!!!
    Hope you’re doing better now and thank you for putting all your words into this letter as it’s really helping others to see what they actually deserve and when it’s the time to stop sacrificing !

    All the best x

  2. Valerie 3 years ago

    Oh I liked this but if I had wrote something like this to him, he would think I wanted to get back with him.
    Never that!!!
    You said and felt a lot of what I was thinking and felt.
    I hope you feel better getting that off your chest.
    It’s a lesson learned and now you know what not to do.
    Best of luck with the next guy.

  3. Annette Warren 1 year ago

    My only words are fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!
    Fuck you life

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