Young love

Young love

Young love

LTME-postDear F,

They say that souls recognize each other upon first time meeting. I remember the first time I looked into your eyes that day at the beach, it was as if I had known you all my life. I never told you, but I thank God you were my first everything. You don’t believe in God, but I promise you that whatever God is, we were meant to cross paths.

I learned so much from you throughout the five years of tremulous ups and downs. There was lots of joy, and lots of crying in between too. Our heartbreak helped me grow to be the strong woman I am today; it tought me to never repeat mistakes, allowed me to get to know myself, and even though I lost my best friend along the way, I now appreciate all the pain.

Moving on was not easy, it took some therapy and a lot of things you would consider ‘zen shit’ such as yoga and meditation, but I am finally healed. I’m doing so well. I’m in love with a man who respects me and who I look up to. I also moved into a beautiful loft in the district and I got promoted at work.

I heard you moved to NY. That’s amazing, I’m proud of you! I hope it’s treating you well and that you are truly happy in your relationship and career choice. Please treat her better than you treated me, and don’t loose your magic. I believe in you and know your potential.

No matter where I am or what I do, I still feel you sometimes. Hopefully one day, we will meet again. For now, I release you with love and forgiveness.

xo- JM


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