No such thing as lost love

No such thing as lost love

No such thing as lost love


This is a letter to all of you my dearest exes, yes all three of you.

Yes, I do not stop loving all three of you. Of course I had wished I could give you more than I had given you. Even if I stopped talking to all of you, except you Mie my latest ex. You really meant it, when you said you wanted to stay friends.

Nothing had made me more jealous than seeing all of you with another one. I think i’m just unable to move on. My trick is to just remember that I would not be able to fight for you all. Such deserving partner that you all wish to have. In times, our break ups were really at a faulty times, conditions, situations, communication, characters etc. Nevertheless, I truly believe that the right one would be timeless, full of effort, and relieving.

With that we agreed on it. We were not right for each other. Would you say that I still hope for any reunion? Well, I still give everyone a chance but I am not specifically waiting for you all.

Henceforth, I am still in love with all of you. As I did, as I would. I just stop acting on this love. Wouldn’t it be right to just add all of you in my prayers?

Who was once your favorite


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